welcome home sister

you have arrived

Hey gal!

Grab yourself a tasty bevy and let’s dive in.

Through movement, self development and uncovering some deep truths I have finally landed on what I am here on this Earth to do and it feels oh so right. I have learned how to pull myself up and out of shitty situations, how to truly manifest soul desires and how to trust in the guidance of this big ‘ol universe and now I want to show you how to do it too.



I'm Jocelyn + this is my hubby Devon and fur babe Finn.

Are you ready to come home to your body? Learn more about my journey here.

this space is created for...

...you to simply be

...to know when the thoughts are real and the fear is not. Should I eat this or that? Should I be this person or that person? And what the hell is self development? I am here to help you make the best decisions for Y-O-U. The world is noisy, your life doesn’t have to be.

...real reflection, growth and truth

...the opportunity to learn a new way. Tap out of the status quo.

...the reminder that you are beautiful, strong, inspiring, sensitive + so bad ass!





We are nurses, teachers, yogis, hair dressers, athletes, moms, fitness instructors, students, entrepreneurs, light workers, doctors, fur moms, massage therapists, photographers, physiotherapists, office babes, designers.

The biggest hearts are attracted into our circle - the babes that know this is much more than just playing apothecary. We inspire others to live everyday with freedom by having holistic tools within reach.